about with new eyes
about With New Eyes
“We do not see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.”

What does it mean to be blind, or visually impaired, in nowadays -visual- society?

WITH NEW EYES is an audio tour in beautiful Berlin.
With WITH NEW EYES Katrien Ligt has developed a (tourist) city tour, through the eyes of blind people.
Ligt is focusing on filtering of information, subjectivity of information, how far people choose for this filtering and subjectivity, and how far it is determined for people.

For this audio tour the perception of blind, and visually impaired, people is taken as a starting point.
The audio tour is searching for the border between seeing and being blind.
With New Eyes is a site-hearing tour, visiting places that are interesting concerning their sounds.

The tour is intended as an eye opener for non-disabled people, and a possibility to go on a trip for blind people.
It is no casual excusion with information on the famous sights of Berlin, but a new way to see the city!
This tour took place earlier as well, and is back due to the enthousiasm with which it was recieved.

Facts about the tour


DURATION TOUR about 120min.
WHEN 17 till 26 of July in 2013.
For groups also upon request extra dates available!
Time: varies between 11h, 13h, and 15h, depending on date.
COSTS 15 euro for a tour + very special souvenir CD. (Paid after registration.)
WHERE Start tour: Berlin Hauptbahnhof. End of tour at U-bahn Französische Straße.
LANGUAGE English. Although your English does not have to be perfect, reasonable knowledge of English is necessary. Introductions can be given in German or Dutch as well.
The press about With new Eyes

Interview with Slow Travel Berlin:
"I do think people are not listening enough to the sounds the city makes. But a lot of people also do not look enough either." Read more...

Berlin Art Link: "Ligt transforms these spaces, which act as experiential proxies for the city, into porous networks of texture, light, and echo."

Sugarhigh Berlin: "Your body is your best friend and your worst enemy. Because sometimes, it just can’t be trusted. It likes to play tricks—the eyes especially. The very thing you’re looking for is usually the one thing you can’t see, even if it’s right under your nose. "

How does this tour work?

You have the unique possibility to walk an audio tour, through the eyes of blind people.
Concrete it means: On 1 ear people hear the descriptions needed for blind people to find their way along this route. on the other side you hear references, loose words starting with things you see along the route till at the end of the tour it is about things you smell, hear, feel, etc. So to say: the references a blind person has.

Along this route we do pass the regular places, but do not stop where you would normally stop during a touristic tour: instead we stop at places that are interesting concerning sounds.
Your guide, Katrien Ligt, will tell about the process and other peculiar stuff along the route as well.
After the tour people receive the audio cd GRÜSSE AUS BERLIN, on which music tracks are, made about these spots, with sounds of these spots. So instead of pictures to show the people at home. Visitors will get a audio-memory of the tour.

Grüsse aus Berlin

Grüsse aus Berlin is the audio cd belonging to the audio tour WITH NEW EYES.
At every resting point, a point of interest concerning sound, sounds are recorded.
With these sounds the musicians made new music tracks that reflects that specific place.
Bilwa (http://perpetualmvmtsnd.org), Ear Monk (http://www.vincentkoreman.com), Werner Urban (http://www.wernerurban.nl), Orphax (http://www.orphax.com), Wouter Jaspers (http://www.wouterjaspers.com), and Scald Rougish (http://Amhain.net).
The booklet of the cd is a very tactile booklet that can also be enjoyed by visually impaired people!
Preview booklet:
booklet-stopdenkmalbooklet-stopvossstr booklet
bookletcd-gruesseausberlin cd-gruesseausberlin

Thank you

The musicians who worked with me on cd GRÜSSE AUS BERLIN: Bilwa, Ear Monk, Werner Urban, Orphax, Wouter Jaspers, and Scald Rougish.
I'd also like to thank: Bart Boneschansker(for his voice), Silja Korn(for her expertise), CBK Dordrecht, Kunstfabrik Flutgraben Berlin, ABSV, Slow Travel Berlin, and Sugarhigh Berlin

Please take a look at: http://www.katrienligt.nl as well.

about with new eyes