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Editorial designer Katrien Ligt

Katrien Ligt is an editorial (graphic) designer who works in the fields between design, research, and art.
After she graduated as an editorial/research designer, she started her own business. Editorial graphic designer means that she is specialized in producing her own content for projects, and works on the editorial process of the project as well. Research, content and concept are therefore the most important aspects of Katrien Ligt her practice.

Ligt often collaborates with other people: sometimes this means that she works from concept till end product together with other people. And other times the project stays hers, but contacts other people during the process to make the most of her project.

Other projects of Katrien Ligt

Katrien Ligt also made an audio tour about the overkill of visual information in Nijmegen(the Netherlands). This project is available through Gonzo Circus Magazine's Klankstappen at the moment.

After the exhibition and publication around the project in Nijmegen she was asked to make an audio tour during Urban Explorers Festival in Dordrecht(the Netherlands).

She also makes other kind of works such as:
photographic series about the characteristic of cities, agendas based on the rules of nature that influence our daily schedules,a publication about the communication of art institutes.
and a series of magazines made from long conversations about the website ubu.com,
an informative and extensive project about the non-existing border between crazy and normal.
She is working for Urban Explorers festival as artistic coordinator and producer, and working at the communication board of the Dutch online magazine about art and journalism hard//hoofd.

More about these projects, and other projects can be found at: http://www.katrienligt.nl

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